Lifestyle Coming Soon – Letter To The Reader

Vegan Lifestyle Blog is Coming Soon! Stay Tuned!


Hey reader,

I started this website because I’m a vegan who felt there simply were not enough vegan recipes on the internet after I already scoured pretty much all of Instagram.  But, like all vegans, I’m not just a vegan.  I’m also a writer, a reader, and an avid learner.  

In this Lifestyle section, I aim to write, share, and respond to things about the world of veganism that don’t necessarily pertain to food.  Look forward to articles such as: 

  • What Should I Do With My Leather Products After Going Vegan?
  • What Are Some Easy Brand Switches I Can Make?
  • What Does Veganism Have To Do With Social Justice? 
  • What is Speciesism?

Additionally, I read a ton of nonfiction books.  I’ve always been interested in the cognitive sciences–and specifically: cognitive linguistics.  I’ve read books like Pitch Anything and Don’t Think of An Elephant and I’m currently in the process of writing a series of articles about how books like those can help us all not yell at our family members that try to force us to eat turkey carcass every Thanksgiving.  Please stand by while I draft those articles up for you–I can’t wait to get this Vegan Lifestyle section up and running for y’all.



The Vegan Planthead


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